April's Role Play Dare of the month

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Let's face it we all have much more time on our hands these days so why not spice things up a bit. Being stuck in the house can be fun!

Roleplaying is wildly popular in our modern culture, it stimulates our fantasies and allows us to act them out in a sexual manner. 
Flip through any porn site today and you are sure to come across countless role play videos and genres depicting every scenario imaginable. 

The key to a successful role play is to really get into character; use props and be creative. Most importantly, don’t worry about creating the perfect scenario. 

DV8 Dare Roleplay helps you along with a the top erotic scenarios and put them together in one role play game.

Try out April's Dare of the month 'The Sexy Servant' and that's the just mild one :) The wild version of this dare  really switches it up! Who knows? You might just get that motivation to tidy up.

Source: Devier Boutique
DV8 Dare Role Play Edition Take Date Night to the Next Level

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