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LET'S TALK ABOUT THE LIFESTYLE Swingers Tips from Mr & Mrs DV8

Expert advise on navigating the swingers lifestyle. 

Thought about Swinging? We have the tools you need to help you along. 

The swingers lifestyle has been making a few headlines lately.

You may have thought it was a myth or something from the 70's or maybe even something done in shady back street motels.

Truth be told the Swing Lifestyle or as most who do it call it "The Lifestyle"
It's alive and well and thriving all over the world with millions of couples and singles swinging world wide; according to SDC (Swingers Date Club). The world's largest international swingers website. 

It's happening in your neighborhood up the street very likely in your own town.

No it's not your creepy neighbor that you always suspected was hiding something or those dirty craigslist ads you used to see. 
It's Lawyers, nurses, teachers all walks of life; we've met them all and that was just at the last party we attended. 
We've come along way from swinger personal ads in dirty new stand magazines.
There are websites hundreds of them, social media platforms, private facebook groups. Thanks to the internet, It's everywhere.

Where to go? How do we or I meet swingers? Is it safe? So many questions.

This is where it gets tricky, you don't want to dive right in and try to swing this weekend. This is something you wan't to explore and learn about before you and your partner take the plunge. 
Is swinging right for you?
Lets start with you as a single or couple. You've gotten this far so that's a start. 
Now that we've established you are not alone in having fantasies and desires to swing, many happy couples/singles are doing it.

If you are in a relationship you have to start with the conversation about the swingers lifestyle. 
Renowned Sexologist Dr Jess explains it well in this article. 
Once you've established this is what you want to do take the next step and find out where to meet these elusive swingers. 

Yes elusive describes it pretty well, although swinging is more main steam than it ever was, it's still a very discreet lifestyle and many of us out there like to keep it that way. 

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Where to go?
As fore mentioned in the article the do's & do nots of getting into the lifestyle. There are many websites out there claiming, hook-up and people that want to fuck in your area. You may have seen MF4MF personal ads on forum sites such as reddit and slimier sites.
Don't do it!
We've reviewed our favorite swinger sites to show you the places to meet and get connected to swingers anywhere on the planet!
Check out our blog reviews for the best and most highly recommended Swinger sites.

Happy Swinging! 

Author: Mr & Mrs DV8

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