Not just sex, are we really swingers? - Mr & Mrs DV8

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Dear DV8

"'We really love all kinds of sex and we love the lifestyle. But we want to do things with like minded couples as apposed to just "SEX". Does this mean we're not real swingers?"
yes2swing - Texas

Dear yes2swing
"The term 'Swinger' is slang for someone who leads an uninhibited lifestyle. There are so many levels of swinging per se, so it's not just about sex. To me, swinging is the ability to be yourselves and to openly share your sexuality and fantasies with others, without judgement or jealousy. You may get turned on at the thought of full swap, soft swap, same room, separate room, or voyeurism.. it all falls under the same category; swinging" - Mrs DV8
" The popular misconception about swinging as that it's all about "SEX". The swing lifestyle is anything but that; the lifestyle is about much more than just swinging. Making friends in the lifestyle is about sharing experiences with like minded people. It's more than just about sex, think of it as friends with benefits.
We have many friends in the lifestyle that we travel with, go to parties with and even been to their weddings, yet never or rarely played with. They are close friends that we have much in common with, including sex. The answer is yes you are a swinger, go out and enjoy everything the lifestyle has to offer." - Mr DV8

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