The best of both worlds, age gaps in the lifestyle.

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Dear DV8"'My partner and I have an age gap I am 20 years her senior. We've discussed if this may pose a problem with us swinging and how we might have a harder time finding couples to swing with. We know not everyone is going to be open to the idea of swinging with a couple with as much of an age gap as we have... but is that really a deal breaker?"
Cali-ride - California

Dear Cali-ride"There are millions of swingers worldwide; all with a different idea of what they're looking for in potential partners. You will find some that have a select age bracket that they're looking for, and your ages may or may not be in it. It really is no different than someones preference for weight or hair color. It's just a preference and most swingers are typically open and honest about what they're interested in.
However, there are millions of swingers. More often than not, they (including myself) will connect with couples based on their personality rather than their age. So no, for most, it will not be a deal breaker, especially with a positive attitude." - Mrs DV8

"This is a good one, because I think every couple runs into the age dilemma in the lifestyle. It hardly comes up in conversation when couples first decide to try swinging.
This is something every couple should prepare for, yet most couples rarely discuss age until it hits you head on.
Most assume everyone they come in contact with will be their age and that's that. Couples usually post their age preferences on their profiles on the various lifestyle sites, problem solved. You are never truly prepared for what lies ahead when meeting couples whose age is vastly different than yours.
In our encounters, we've strayed from our age boundaries more times then we can count. It was never a deal breaker when we really liked the couple. Maturity was always the deciding factor when it came to younger women. Older men are a matter of her taste.
The lifestyle is about you, and age is just a number. Think of it as, you as a couple, offer the best of both worlds. An older distinguished man and a younger more energetic female. Together you are a power couple. Offering a little more variety than most couples. So you're not a deal breaker, but a catch!" - Mr DV8
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