The Deviate network is excited to announce the launch of their redesigned website

NEW YORK — The Deviate Network has announced that their website, has a brand new look, including detailed product insights with streamlined access to their entire line of Lifestyle Enhancement Products.

“The very first erotic icebreaker games for the lifestyle released in 2015 has spawned an entire series of erotic games and products for everyone in the swingers and alternative lifestyle. This is the first major update to highlight our brands’ overwhelming popularity”

We’ve also added our newest blog featuring an in-depth story and timeline about how the popular games series evolved.

It was time to tell our personal story about how we were the first to bring this original concept to life and how our popular product line was created. Our goal was to add a more exciting shopping experience and let our customers get to know us more intimately.

The improved website coincides with our full overhaul of The popular place to play.

To view our full line of erotic products or to learn more about us, please visit

Source: ASN Lifestyle Magazine